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Allegheny Mountian Malt
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about us

Allegheny Mountain Malt establishes a link between the agrarian tradition of southwestern Pennsylvania and the burgeoning craft beer industry.  As brewers and consumers demand more sustainably-farmed and local ingredients, Allegheny Mountain Malt is a direct connection to regional farmers – who gain additional on-farm income and an important cover crop for no-till farming.

By building this connection between field, malt house and brewery, Allegheny Mountain Malt creates a working regional value chain. Unlike a global supply chain, this model creates value for each participant and dramatically reduces carbon footprint.

All of our value chain partners share a commitment to sustainability, quality, freshness and community. This means that the end consumer can enjoy a truly local beverage with a unique flavor profile, created close to home.


our malt

Looking to incorporate more local ingredients in your brews? All of our barley is sustainably grown in Pennsylvania’s beautiful Westmoreland County, in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains. Nurtured by rich soil and abundant rainfall and benefitted by perfect growing seasons, our barley is custom malted locally and crafted in small batches designed for unique flavor profiles:


Latrobe Two Row – Golden in color with a traditional flavor.

Pilsner – Clean and crisp – our lightest malt.

Vienna – Elegant and fragrant with a distinct European feel.

Munich – Rich, robust and full-flavored.

Custom – Brewmeister’s choice! Work with our maltster to produce your desired flavor.

Allegheny Mountian Malt
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Allegheny Mountian Malt

our growers

Heinnickel Farms is located on 2,000 acres in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and primarily operates in the beef cattle and feed business. There are 20 acres of barley planted there in the current AMM rotation.


Lone Maple Agriculture was founded in New Alexandria, Pennsylvania in 1912. Lone Maple uses a collection of data from GPS fielding maps to soil fertility reports to inform and adjust its sustainable practices. Currently, 20 acres are dedicated to barley cultivation. 


Carbone Farms in Crabtree, Pennsylvania (Westmoreland County)  is planted with 15 acres of malt barley.  For nearly 70 years the Carbone Family has been at the forefront of the Farm to Table food scene.  Patriarch Nat Carbone in the early 1950s started raising beef on the property to supply his nearby restaurant   


Eidemiller Farm in New Alexandria, Pennsylvania, has 20 acres of Allegheny Mountain barley under cultivation. For generations, the Eidemiller family has grown produce of all kinds, including sweet corn and soybeans.


Saint Vincent College participated in the Food21 Farm to Tap program and is now growing 25 acres of barley for Allegheny Mountain Malt. Fostering sustainable farming on its campus and partnering with local farmers is part of St. Vincent’s ongoing commitment to the community. 

Allegheny Mountian Malt

our partners

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Food21 of Pennsylvania, founded in 2018, seeks to build resilient and sustainable regional food value chains, benefiting growers, manufacturers, distributors and consumers alike. Allegheny Mountain Malt grew out of Food21’s successful Farm to Tap project.

CNC Malting Company in Fenelton, Butler County, started with a passion for beer and the desire to create something uniquely representing the true flavor of Pennsylvania. Maltster and co-founder Brendan Carroll, a Penn State graduate in chemical engineering, unites his knowledge and passion to create unique, top-notch malts.

Zilka and Company, founded in 1923 in Hunker, Pennsylvania, is a fourth-generation bakery supply company focused on customer service and quality staples including malts, flours, sweeteners, chocolates, nuts, eggs, shortenings, dairy products and more.    


how to buy



Contact the Zilka and Company sales team to purchase our in-stock malts:

Brian Williams
c 724 858-8101

Brad Adelson
c 818 400-73323

Or email to develop your own Allegheny Mountain Malt flavors.

Allegheny Mountian Malt

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